Here at DadLifts, we don’t subscribe to one set of beliefs. Let me explain — We don’t believe that what is best for us, is necessarily the best for you. We don’t believe that we have all the answers. And we definitely don’t believe in any magic bullet that purports to be a panacea for everyone.

We strongly believe, however, that everyone can get better in life by learning how to increase awareness, remove redundancies and inefficiencies, and then progress naturally by simply doing what is best for them. DadLifts provides you with the resources you want to increase your awareness and be a better you, along with the community you need to support you on your mission.

At DadLifts, we provide diverse content, robust commentary, thoughtful insight and an interactive forum, all of which addresses issues relevant to fathers. We offer a community where dads can find what works best for them, and where fathers can hear from other dads about the strategies they have tried and the results they have obtained. DadLifts helps dads learn to ask better questions of themselves and eke a bit more out of the most important role that they play.

Sure, we have beliefs, sometimes strong beliefs, but our goal is not to push our convictions onto you. We are a resource to help you explore your own beliefs and develop your own convictions. We are a forum where you can help other fathers learn from your mistakes and where you can share your success.

We do not believe that accomplishing your goals requires a ton of unnecessary effort. Rather, with the DadLifts community we can all do better by helping one another improve on what matters most.

Let’s face it, we live in a world where we can’t even commit to seeing our best friends more than twice a year. Where we can’t get through a meal without checking our phones. And where we are measured more often in terms of ‘friends,’ ‘likes,’ and ‘followers,’ than our accomplishments in real life.

How can we, as dads, possibly find more time to put into improving ourselves?  That’s the question I’ve been asking myself since my first child was born.  I knew, at that time that I desperately needed to be the best dad I could be.  That meant that I couldn’t even be a mediocre dad if I didn’t get my shit together.  I was fat, out of shape, I chewed tobacco, my lower back hurt whenever I went to change my daughter’s diaper.  I knew I had to do something. But, I won’t get into all of this here…..

DadLifts exists today to help other dads find what ways will work best for them.  We cover six main categories — Fatherhood, Fitness, Finances, Feelings, Food and Fun.  Most men, most dads, want or need to improve in at least one of these categories.

So, about those beliefs — We believe you will like what we have to offer. We believe DadLifts will be made better by having you as part of our community. And we believe that if you have read this far, you get where we are coming from and are committed to be part of where we are going – for the benefit of dads everywhere – Lift On!