The Most Anabolic Things In Life

I woke up around 3am this morning, slipping in and out of sleep paralysis, and for some reason, I could NOT get this post out of my head. Not real sure what it was. At first I was just thinking about food and meal timing.

It’s Sympathy Weight

***This is DadLifts so I am going to focus on Dad. Moms I love each and every on of you, I am married to one, was born from one but please don't think my lack of inclusion means anything other than this blog...

Programming….Made Simple

Anytime there’s a conversation about programming, someone breaks out a pyramid…and they start using a variety of terms, GPP, SPP, Work Capacity, strength, mobility…you name it.

3 Useless Words

IIwrote on Facebook the three dumbest words I use are: WHY SHOULD TRY I want to write about that idea, the rationale, and logical conclusion the use of these words. Words matter. I believe...