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More Than a Father, a Daddy

....When I went into labor with my second child, I was unprepared. The birth of my first child took 3 hours from start to finish. No complications and minimal pain. The second time around was different – Antithetically different.

Full Contact Fatherhood

Dads, picture this scene: It’s 3AM. You sit holding the fruit of your loins in your arms in a rocking chair, wanting nothing more than for them to go back to sleep so you can reclaim a couple hours of rest before the sun is up and it’s time to head off to work. If you’re like me, you’ve at times been astounded at the levels of pure frustration and, yes, I’ll say it, RAGE that can build up inside of you every time you oh-so-gently ease off the chair only to hear your bundle-o-joy crank up and cry yet again, and you start the process all over again.